Friday, February 12, 2016

Men of iron

I say this almost every round, but... this round of Iron Builder is looking like one of the best yet. If you read this blog regularly you'll have seen that almost all of our posts this month have been about IB, and for good reason: Iron Builder Tim Schwalfenberg (One More Brick) and challenger Legopard have been churning out some amazing models. In all seriousness, in terms of overall quality, quantity, and sheer size and detail of builds, this could be the greatest round yet.  

So many great models have been built in the last few days that I've decided to just compile all the ones I want to share into this one post, so without further ado: 

Church Organ by Legopard:
The seed part, the silver Technic connector, was used a whopping 153 times in this build, which could be an IB record. I love how creative Legopard was with the part, turning it both around at the base of the pipes and making use of the little slit in the side. There are other nice part uses as well, including bucket handles in the chair, and sword sheaths and a Viking shield for decoration. 

London Eye by Legopard:
The seed part gets a lot of uses here too, connected to the main structure via minifig hook-hands! The microscale building looks great as well. 

District 9 Exosuit by Legopard:
Interestingly enough, Legopard also uses the hook-hand pieces in this creation - but there are a boatload of other greebles as well. Exposed studs, orange elements, and of course the seed part add some excellent details to this mech. 

Fire truck by Tim:
Maybe we owe Tim a bit of an apology, since we've mostly been covering Legopard's models (which have blown us away, to be fair). To fix that somewhat, here's this antique fire truck, which is every bit as good as Legopard's models. It's in the style of LEGO's own "Advanced Model" vehicle sets like the Mini Cooper, which works in its favor. 

These are all amazing builds, and no less amazing is the very short time in which they are all created. This round of IB began on February 1st and the builders are already nearing twenty apiece in terms of model count! It's a testament to the skill and creativity of LEGO hobbyists that they are so successful. 

So what do you readers think... will Iron Builder Tim be dethroned by his challenger, or will he continue to secure his throne? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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