More LEGO sites

This page contains some of our favorite and most-visited LEGO resources sites and fellow blogs. 

Editor Tate has also constructed a LEGO Twitter Feed compiling tweets from other excellent LEGO sites - you can view it here:

Official LEGO website

The online LEGO marketplace - buy and sell sets and parts. Many builders use this site frequently to obtain the necessary parts for a new creation, or just to expand their collection a bit. 

This site is fantastic for any LEGO fan. First and foremost, it is a complete database of LEGO sets, minifigures, and pieces; although it is also home to news, set reviews, forums, and even a collection manager. 

Brick RSS 
An RSS feed/email newsletter compiling posts from almost every LEGO blog on the web. Follow them and you won't miss a thing in the LEGO community! 

Swooshable makes you a better builder. The site, run by Swedish AFOL Linus Bohman, features building tutorials and countless resources including color charts, a SNOT encyclopedia, set/MOC instructions, and much more. 

This online LEGO Users Group is a great place to find MOCs, reviews, contests, and more LEGO goodness. It's also home to the ABS Builder Challenge and the Isles of Aura project. 

The Brothers Brick 
MOCs, reviews, community
Pretty much the best and most popular LEGO blog on the web. Run by a team of dedicated bloggers who are also talented builders, TBB mostly showcases MOCs, with occasional news articles, community reports, and reviews. 

reviews, building tips, pieces
This blog specializes in discussing interesting new and rare pieces found in official LEGO sets, giving builders insight into which pieces to add to their collection, as well as new ways to use them. Many in-depth set reviews can also be found here. 

The Brick Fan 
news, reviews
An extremely prolific, reliable, and overall high-quality LEGO news site.

The LEGO Car Blog 
MOCs, reviews
Focuses on vehicle MOCs, mostly cars and trucks with the occasional spaceship, submarine, tricycle, etc. The bloggers are gearheads as much as LEGO fans, so the jargon can turn technical, but this is also the wittiest, wackiest LEGO blog out there. 

community, reviews
This long-running site focuses on the LEGO BIONICLE theme but covers other themes as well. Its blog posts, reviews, resources, and forums are some of the most interesting and in-depth LEGO sources you'll find online. 

Jay's Brick Blog
community, reviews
One of our favorite review sites - a fresh, fun-to-read perspective on LEGO set reviews and news. 

From Bricks to Bothans
news, community, reviews (licensed themes)
FBTB for short, this is the premier site for LEGO licensed themes, most notably Star Wars. There's a bit of non-LEGO fandom content here, but the set reviews and other articles are excellent. 

Tiles or Studs
Tiles or Studs is a bit like us - just a simple, unpretentious MOC blog.

MOCs, reviews, community
A very prolific MOC-centric blog. BrickNerd Studios also animates LEGO stop-motion films, which are worth a look. 

A Tumblr blog frequently posting MOCs, mostly from Flickr.

Gimme Lego
"The musings of a LEGO obsessive." Interesting insights on LEGO sets and community.

reviews, MOCs
Mostly reviews- and lots of 'em. It's hard to find a recent set not reviewed here or on the YouTube channel. Also features info on MOCs made by the site owner. 

MOCs, news
A well-written French blog with plenty of MOCs and news posted frequently.