Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Grow up or wither

I try not to pick favorites, but I don't think anyone will be offended if I say that this is one of my favorite MOCs of 2014 so far. The builder is Nick V. (Brickthing) and the title of the creation is "Kulgai, Master of Vine". 
I mentioned that Nick got early access to some of the new 2015 BIONICLE sets, and he's been churning out MOCs with those pieces. There are some excellent part uses on this one, including the mermaid tails and the HERO FACTORY jumpers as the feet. There's also a second BIONICLE mask used in the waist area. 
That arm construction with the repeated ball joints is a nice-looking technique. I actually did the same thing using trans-blue parts in one of my BIONICLE MOCs (which I suppose I will have to put on the web at some point...)

To make a long story short: I love a good BIONICLE MOC, and this one rocks. 

(Yes, made it through that post without any plant puns!)

EDIT- the body of this figure has some part uses that I didn't notice at first: green minifig torsos! Click to enlarge the photos and get a better look. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

State Gardens of Lenfald

The State Gardens of Lenfald, at Stonewald, were first founded by High Lord Wensesclaus the 1st. Throughout the years each successive leader has improved the gardens, ’til they reached the way they look today, brimming with vibrant flowers, exotic animals and stunning architecture.
When he took office, High Lord Triphian I decided that the gardens should be for everyone to enjoy, not just the nobility. He opened the gardens to the public, so that all who want to can visit them, and marvel in their magnificence. Now, peasants and nobles rub shoulders daily, all equal inside the twisting paths, maze-like hedges, and beautiful grottos and buildings.
Haymar and Mirranda walk through the gardens, enjoying the fresh air, (and each other's company), after pledging Haymar's army to High Lord Triphian I, for the coming siege of Maldrake's Fortress.
I really like this castle gardens scene by JBIronWorks. The path, walls, and flowers and greenery all contribute to a nice peaceful castle MOC, refreshingly free of any battling armies or angry dragons. 

Click here for more images. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hangar bay

This creation by Ryan McBryde (goatman461)  has a nice Star Wars-y feel to it. The ship is nice, but I think it's the background that makes the MOC; there are some nice greebly textures and I love the dark hallway leading out the back, presumably to some mission command room or maybe a shady spaceport. 
The scene is completed by the inclusion of some nice minifigs and accessories like the containers and droids. There's also one nice touch that I didn't notice right away, and that't the "boarding stairs" to the ship's cargo bay, which are made with a ladder and some clips and tiles. I thought that was a nice building strategy that looks better than just a simple ladder. 

See more photos on Flickr via the link above. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Cole Blaq is back! The C-27 "Abaqa" is here to remind us just why Cole is such a good surrealist sci-fi builder. Just look at the way the slick red-and-white armor overlays the technical-looking gray greebles... awesome. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Unless you count the two "1x1 light gray plate with side ring" elements, I don't think there are any exposed studs on this Vespa scooter model by frequent Brickology bloggee pasakaru76. It's a small build, but it's very sleek, with the main model accentuated by the cobblestone base and built-in Italian flag. 

Image from TLCB

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Classic space, new colors

F@bz was getting tired of all those blue-and-yellow Classic Space MOCs, so he built this space truck with a different classic color scheme, inspired by set #1968 from 1985. And that's not the only interesting thing about this build. I like the red 1x2 grilles in the wheels... and how about that background? Using a sheet for the sandy hills of space was an inspired idea, and it looks awesome. Combine that with the Classic Space-style "box art" and you've got a beautifully presented MOC. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Wheeling and dealing

There are BIONICLE/HERO FACTORY parts, clips, skis, drills, and other randomly awesome part uses everywhere on this bike by F@bz, but the best and most noticeable technique is the wheels made from visor elements! That is one of the best ideas I've ever seen in a MOC. Well done. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Mount Tantiss

It's a Star Wars-y day here on Brickology. I just posted Bruce Lowell's model of Han Solo's blaster; now, we're flying into the Expanded Universe (specifically the Thrawn Trilogy, if you're a hardcore fan). Disco86 has built the cloning facility at Mount Tantiss. The builder says he tried to combine the style of Kamino's cloning facilities with the black and grey of the Empire, and I think he pulled it off quite well. 

Han shot first!

Any decent Star Wars fan knows that Han Solo's blaster of choice is the BlasTech DL-44, skillfully replicated here by Bruce Lowell

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Star Vikings!

These two creations by Nick Trotta (tardisblue) were part of the Space Vikings display at BrickCon 2014. 

Rammligr dropship:
Skjoldr defense cannon:
The cannon has a gear-operated locking mechanism to control its angle- fantastic! I also really like its triangular barrels and the use of ladder elements for that "grille" texture. The ship, too, makes good use of alternating smooth and blocky textures and interesting shapes. 

See the whole Space Vikings collaboration on Flickr here

710 Blue Meadow Ave

Nick V (Brickthing) has got a prime piece of real estate with spacious living areas and plenty of ventilation. Not to mention a healthy dose of olive green. 

I must confess it took me forever to figure out what those lumpy green shrubs on the lawn were made with. Then I realized: troll hands! Genius! 
In fact, really the whole build is genius. Just look at the pointy roof, tiled walls, and that big ventilation grille! 

Friday, October 10, 2014

First-ever BrickUniverse LEGO convention coming to Raleigh, North Carolina!

The people behind the upcoming LEGO fan convention, BrickUniverse, asked if I would post their press release here. I would of course be happy to do so... so without further ado: 

We are pleased to announce BrickUniverse 2015, a convention for LEGO fans of all ages coming to Raleigh, North Carolina. BrickUniverse 2015 will be held at the Raleigh Convention Center.

The event will be held on March 26, 27, 28, and 29 with public days being on the 28 and 29.

  • Show off your awesome creations
  • Try your luck and earn free LEGO in our drawings
  • Test your skills and win in our various games
  • Learn more about the bricks in our seminars
  • Hang out with fellow LEGO enthusiasts
  • And much much more!

Check out our builder website for more info on the four day convention and to register. The quicker you register, the cheaper!

Please go to:

And contact us at:

Call it magic

Oh man, I wish I was Nick V (Brickthing)! He and a few other builders got to play around with some of the brand-new BIONICLE elements a few months early, courtesy of The LEGO Group!!!!! Nick built this character- "Gakuri, Protector of Magic"- using a few of those parts, with the same great style and technique that makes almost all of Nick's MOCs blogworthy. 
The hook hands and ice skates are nice part usages, and what I think makes the build really pop is the inclusion of all those little accessories:

  • glittery fabric
  • satchels and bags
  • vial - as made famous by Brickology's logo :)
  • chain necklace
  • snowshoes
  • sword (look on the back of the leg!)
  • pet frog! 
Fantastic work - in fact, dare I say it, magical.

The elusive ninja, master of shadows

leon scopes was influenced by a fish tank ornament when building this MOC. It's a nice little scene, with some flowing natural elements like the water, rocks, trees, and bridge. I also like the Bavarian hat used as a lily pad. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Presenting the mother of all SHIPs- Ataraxia by : VolumeX : ... 
I love the scale of this thing, and the level of detail is amazing. Read the backstory and see more pictures on Flickr via the link above. 

Vintage Bike MOC tutorial by KosBrick

KosBrick has posted a YouTube video showing how to build his Vintage Bike MOC. 
There are some great techniques in this compact build, and making one for yourself will no doubt give you some ideas of your own. Go try it! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

White White West

This is a beautiful fantasy MOC, intricate and beautifully composed, with a great sense of motion. The careful posing and positioning of the scene's elements is just as awesome as the builds themselves. Fantastic job by Brick Vader
See more photos on the Dutch LEGO forums Imperium Der Steine

Monday, October 6, 2014

Spy fly provides an eye in the sky

These days nature is a dangerous place. Even the ducks in the local park have lost their moral values, ethics and honesty, harassing elderly couples for scraps of bread.

Weather patterns point towards an insect uprising.

Swamp Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd. Inc. was established by Detective D. Spy earlier this breeding season to provide state of the art surveillance to citizens in need.

It is important to know who to trust when the insects take over.
As far as I know, everything built by Brickthing is blogworthy, and this awesome spy-dragonfly is no exception. Check out the skillful composition and use of such parts as the Chima gorilla fist and Jango Fett helmets. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Swamp outpost

Dotted throughout the Moruth Swamp are numerous outposts, initially built to serve as platforms for the spread of commerce to some of Nocturnus' most inhospitable domains. However, during the war against the Black Spire, these isolated outposts proved essential for resupplying and staging the Nocturnian resistance. Now that the Black Spire's forces are again on the move, the small bases are once more demonstrating their utility. Located deep in the treacherous swamps, the outposts are extremely difficult to reach and only shallow-draft vessels can attempt to near one. A network of informants in the surrounding fishing villages also provide a diligent watch against Black Spire troops. An invading force would be spotted far before reaching an outpost, allowing its tenants to escape or set up an ambush.

As one could imagine, life aboard these outposts is not particularly enjoyable, but residents do what they can do pass the long periods of boredom. Fishing, not surprisingly, is a common pastime. That, and counting mosquitos.

That's a bit of a bleak description by builder Patrick Massey, but I think I might actually enjoy living at this swamp least for a while.  

Terror chicken

This compact, alien-looking little mecha- "Terrorhuhn"* by Brick Vader- makes great use of some interesting elements, like the horse head armor or the bagipes, which were what inititally drew me to this model's thumbnail image. 
There are some nice chrome elements as well, but my favorite use of color on this mecha is the nougat-colored battle droid torsos in the feet. My instinict would have been to use the dark-gray version of the piece, but by using a more unexpected color, the builder has produced a more interesting-looking foot design. 

(My other favorite detail is another good use of battle droid parts: this time, four of the arm elements in black used as little dangling tentacles. They look rather creepy, don't you think?)

*If you were wondering, "terrorhuhn" means "terror chicken" in German, hence the post title. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

White Noise

Famed vehicle builder Dennis Glaasker, aka bricksonwheels, brings us this Harley Davidson Classic with a custom touch. I love the dark red seat, swoopy low-to-the-ground rear end, and all those little dashes of silver. Nice ride! 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Volvo L250G wheel loader

Not only is this wheel loader MOC by Marek Markiewicz (M_longer) well-built and impeccably's fully functional and remote controlled too! 
See more photos on Flickr, MOCpages or Brickshelf or check out the YouTube video to see what this beast can do. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Asymmetry in olive

Allow me and the trusty Brickology time machine to take you back to March of this year, to see Nick Trotta (tardisblue)'s wonderfully asymmetrical starfighter, "Firethorn." 
I'm a huge space fan and I love it when a builder breaks the mold and builds a totally innovative spaceship design. Here, it's accomplished with the white bulbous cockpit on one side and the big chunky guns on the other. And smack in the middle is that wonderfully slanted pipe section- how in the Universe did he do that? 

Horrendous 'hopper

If only we lived in a world where grasshoppers were giant LEGO BIONICLE models... actually, on second thought, maybe not... 
This behemoth is the work of Dave Foreman (Thirdeye88), who clearly has a dark twisted mind and a peculiar talent for building big bad bugs. Shudder...