Friday, October 10, 2014

Call it magic

Oh man, I wish I was Nick V (Brickthing)! He and a few other builders got to play around with some of the brand-new BIONICLE elements a few months early, courtesy of The LEGO Group!!!!! Nick built this character- "Gakuri, Protector of Magic"- using a few of those parts, with the same great style and technique that makes almost all of Nick's MOCs blogworthy. 
The hook hands and ice skates are nice part usages, and what I think makes the build really pop is the inclusion of all those little accessories:

  • glittery fabric
  • satchels and bags
  • vial - as made famous by Brickology's logo :)
  • chain necklace
  • snowshoes
  • sword (look on the back of the leg!)
  • pet frog! 
Fantastic work - in fact, dare I say it, magical.

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