Sunday, October 5, 2014

Terror chicken

This compact, alien-looking little mecha- "Terrorhuhn"* by Brick Vader- makes great use of some interesting elements, like the horse head armor or the bagipes, which were what inititally drew me to this model's thumbnail image. 
There are some nice chrome elements as well, but my favorite use of color on this mecha is the nougat-colored battle droid torsos in the feet. My instinict would have been to use the dark-gray version of the piece, but by using a more unexpected color, the builder has produced a more interesting-looking foot design. 

(My other favorite detail is another good use of battle droid parts: this time, four of the arm elements in black used as little dangling tentacles. They look rather creepy, don't you think?)

*If you were wondering, "terrorhuhn" means "terror chicken" in German, hence the post title. 

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