Sunday, October 26, 2014

State Gardens of Lenfald

The State Gardens of Lenfald, at Stonewald, were first founded by High Lord Wensesclaus the 1st. Throughout the years each successive leader has improved the gardens, ’til they reached the way they look today, brimming with vibrant flowers, exotic animals and stunning architecture.
When he took office, High Lord Triphian I decided that the gardens should be for everyone to enjoy, not just the nobility. He opened the gardens to the public, so that all who want to can visit them, and marvel in their magnificence. Now, peasants and nobles rub shoulders daily, all equal inside the twisting paths, maze-like hedges, and beautiful grottos and buildings.
Haymar and Mirranda walk through the gardens, enjoying the fresh air, (and each other's company), after pledging Haymar's army to High Lord Triphian I, for the coming siege of Maldrake's Fortress.
I really like this castle gardens scene by JBIronWorks. The path, walls, and flowers and greenery all contribute to a nice peaceful castle MOC, refreshingly free of any battling armies or angry dragons. 

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