Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Grow up or wither

I try not to pick favorites, but I don't think anyone will be offended if I say that this is one of my favorite MOCs of 2014 so far. The builder is Nick V. (Brickthing) and the title of the creation is "Kulgai, Master of Vine". 
I mentioned that Nick got early access to some of the new 2015 BIONICLE sets, and he's been churning out MOCs with those pieces. There are some excellent part uses on this one, including the mermaid tails and the HERO FACTORY jumpers as the feet. There's also a second BIONICLE mask used in the waist area. 
That arm construction with the repeated ball joints is a nice-looking technique. I actually did the same thing using trans-blue parts in one of my BIONICLE MOCs (which I suppose I will have to put on the web at some point...)

To make a long story short: I love a good BIONICLE MOC, and this one rocks. 

(Yes, made it through that post without any plant puns!)

EDIT- the body of this figure has some part uses that I didn't notice at first: green minifig torsos! Click to enlarge the photos and get a better look. 

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