Sunday, October 5, 2014

Swamp outpost

Dotted throughout the Moruth Swamp are numerous outposts, initially built to serve as platforms for the spread of commerce to some of Nocturnus' most inhospitable domains. However, during the war against the Black Spire, these isolated outposts proved essential for resupplying and staging the Nocturnian resistance. Now that the Black Spire's forces are again on the move, the small bases are once more demonstrating their utility. Located deep in the treacherous swamps, the outposts are extremely difficult to reach and only shallow-draft vessels can attempt to near one. A network of informants in the surrounding fishing villages also provide a diligent watch against Black Spire troops. An invading force would be spotted far before reaching an outpost, allowing its tenants to escape or set up an ambush.

As one could imagine, life aboard these outposts is not particularly enjoyable, but residents do what they can do pass the long periods of boredom. Fishing, not surprisingly, is a common pastime. That, and counting mosquitos.

That's a bit of a bleak description by builder Patrick Massey, but I think I might actually enjoy living at this swamp least for a while.  

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