Saturday, August 2, 2014

Custom theme: LEGO Dragon Lands by Nuju Metru

Often, custom LEGO themes created by fans are nothing more than jumbled bricks and badly built models with a few hastily cobbled-together minifgures. Now and again, though, I find one that stands out due to its originality and quality of building. One such example is the Dragon Lands theme created by Flickr user Nuju Metru
The theme appears to revolve around a league of humans and their dragons fighting trolls (or some such enemy) who themselves own other dragons. The concept is intriguing, and the sets are very well designed. 

Here's a look at each set: 

64011 Issiad Battle Pack
64012 Myrdoc Battle Pack
64013 Desert Duel
64014 Necromancer's Peak
64015 Fythold Ultimate Dragon
64016 Ormser Ambush
64017 Skolek Confrontation
I suggest you check out many more pictures of the sets, as well as in-depth descriptions, in the Dragon Lands Flickr album

Any other custom themes you think I should cover on Brickology? Please do not hesitate to let me know in the comments or through "Contact" above! 

UPDATE (8/9/14)- here's the just-posted set 64018 Alchemist Workshop:
UPDATE (8/13/14)- just in, here's another set, 64019 Siege of Issiad
UPDATE (9/21/14): Wave 2 of Dragon Lands has been revealed (or is being revealed)! Instead of updating this post everytime a new one is uploaded, I'll just provide you with this link to Nuju Metru's Dragon Lands Flickr Album so you can see all the new sets. Which you really should. 

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