Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Steam Wars continue with Legopard

Legopard has been churning out vehicles for FBTB's steampunk Star Wars contest. I blogged his steampunk take on the Slave I already, but he's built three more "Steam Wars" vehicles while I wasn't paying attention! They're all awesome, so what the heck, I'll just blog them all. 

First up is this interpretation of Zam Wesell's KORO-2 speeder. The whole thing is pretty slick, but if you look closely you'll notice some nice part uses as well. I can see wagon wheels, a clown horn, and a whole lot of robot arms. 
Then we have this retro-futuristic AT-TE walker, built with plenty of nice greebly barrels, ladders, and HERO FACTORY joints: 
And finally, my personal favorite- the HyperSteam Ring:
Be sure to check out the FBTB Steam Wars contest to see more awesome Steam Wars MOCs!

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