Saturday, August 23, 2014

Japanese Restaurant and Board Shop

Check out this great Japanese restaurant/skateboardboard shop modular building by Brian Lyles:
The MOC is done in the style of LEGO's popular Modular Buildings line, and in my opinion it seems like it could actually be sold as such by LEGO! While this may not be a reality anytime soon, you can come close to having this building as a real set by downloading the instructions for it on Brick City Depot

Rear view:
Interior views:
I like the 1x2 grille slopes used to hold goggles on the wall in the board shop. That's an inspired part use that probably took some time to find!

This is a sweet MOC and if you don't mind spending $12 for the instructions, you could have one for yourself! 

EDIT: Brick City Depot also has many more instructions for models of all themes- go check them out at

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