Saturday, May 17, 2014

Snake in the grass

It was a question of great importance: What should be the first MOC I blog here on Brickology? It had to be something awesome, but something none of the other LEGO blogs, like The Brothers Brick, had posted yet. Something new and exciting. 

Finally I came across this fantastic commissioned model by Tyler Clites (Legohaulic). That huge snake is the Great Devourer from Ninjago. I love the clean, sleek lines on this beast... and of course all that dark green is nice as well... 
Congratulations Legohaulic... you have the honor of being the first builder blogged here on Brickology!

UPDATE- Tommy Williamson blogged this MOC over on BrickNerd! Curse you BrickNerd, now I can't claim to be the only LEGO blog to have blogged this awesome snake! :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said... what LEGO needed their set to be. The official set was nothing compared to this.