Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Neotep, Lord of NPU

Lord of the nearly total darkness; that bit between where you thought you could maybe see something, and nope just too dark to make out anything kind of Lord.of Darkness. He's not happy either, as he's sure he's been ripped off somehow by this deal, and the title was, well, ridiculous but certainly looks impressive across his office door.....from a distance that is : D
The latest kooky character from Karf Oohlu, has so many awesome part uses that I don't know if I can count them all. But I'll try:
- The One Ring(s)
- gold modified lightsaber hilts
- gold perfume bottle
- Ninjago shoulder armor/sword holder
- gold scorpion
- gold binoculars
- basket
- that piece used for the teeth (Where did he get that? I've seen the piece on Brick Daddy from Space Police III, but not in gold.)

So yeah, Neotep is one awesome – and innovative – build. Nice one Karf. 

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