Sunday, November 1, 2015

Maintenance pod

Some LEGO builders are really good at making mecha and other small robotic creations by combining a ton of small pieces in ways that can only be described as "amazing." In fact, the first Flickr comment on this Lightweight Maintenance Pod by Grantmasters is from my co-blogger Aaron, and it just says "You genius." I have not yet mastered this building style, but the tubes, clips, and other greebly parts' effect on the aesthetic of this model means it's a must-blog.  


Unknown said...

Is there any way to contact "Tate"?

I wanted to talk about the Nexo Knight Set with the Knight Mech/King.

I looked at it further and it looks like they used a Hero Factory Brain Invasion visor mask as the helmet, and it appears there might be two seats, the front of the mech where the shield is could flip down and the king could sit there, and then the arm looks like the tiny knight robot could sit there and fire the stud shooters.

And it also appears that they used a 2X1 St.Ø4.9 Hole W. Half Beam, on the left arm with a Cross axle through a Friction Ball.

Or it might be a entirely new piece.

Tate said...

Hi there,

You can use (our contact form page, also linked in the navbar of the site) to get in touch with the staff. We'll get back to you from there :)