Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Beige 'bot

Mecha are having a moment here on The Brick Bucket: this is our third consecutive post to feature a mecha MOC. This one's by nobu_tary, who upholds his title as this year's Brick Bucket Most Blogged Builder (So Far). 
There's a lot to look at on this chunky little 'bot. The beige-and-gray color scheme is accented by small highlights of lime, and several printed and stickered parts have been used to further enhance the character of the MOC (a printed "gorilla face" boat plate from Chima, an old Power Miners sticker, and a gray panel that I think might be from Star Wars). All these graphical and color choices aren't to say there aren't nice building techniques as well - take a look at the surprisingly complex SNOT and greebling on top. A tiny detail I  like a lot is the two dark-gray minifig hands positioned in that bar element - it's a really simple yet really cool greebly effect. 

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