Monday, September 1, 2014

Two from Tatooine

Today Brickology travels to the Outer Rim world of Tatooine. This planet's climate is hot and dry, fueled as it is by twin suns, and the environment is harsh and desolate. But there are those who make a life here: hardened spice runners, hardworking farm boys, diminutive Jawas... and maybe the occasional Jedi master. 

Today two LEGO builders have each brought us a view of life on this desert world. First, Outer Rim Emperor takes us to the simple home of the Morboro family, located far out in Tatooine's dune seas. 
See more images of the home, moisture farm, landscape, droids, and speeder in this fantastic model on MOCpages

Next, Mark McPeek has built his Tatooine model in a much smaller scale, but he still perfectly captures the essence of the world. The home and those moisture vaporators are only built with a few pieces, so the still-tiny sandcrawler looks huge next to them. You can instantly tell what this scene is supposed to represent. 
That's it for our look at Tatooine today. Why don't you check out Brickology's Star Wars archives for some more LEGO action from a galaxy far, far away? 

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