Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Legend of Zorro

It's been over a year since TheBrickAvenger last found time to make a MOC... and he says this one will probably be his only build this year. Fortunately, it's a fantastic one. Enjoy "The Legend of Zorro".
There's so much to look at here, so allow me to list a few of my favorite little details and techniques:

  • I love how the walls have little bricks that stick out partway, giving the surface a rough and textured look.
  • We've seen that roof design- using a ton of 1x1 cylinders- before (and even on official sets), but it looks so darn good here!
  • The alternate use of plates and tiles to create an uneven ground surface is nice. 
  • I really like the little windmill rig on the lefthand side. 
  • The archway with the little section of slanted roof is a nice touch. 
  • And of course, there's the little things, like the wagon wheel and little brown sack leaning against the wall of the building. 
Check out the Brickshelf gallery for this MOC here. And, while he may not be very prolific, TheBrickAvenger is an amazing builder. Go check out his Flickr photostream here and prepare to see some more awesome LEGO creations. 

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