Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I'm a big fan of A Plastic Infinity's work. He's prolific; his MOCs are well-built, wonderfully weird, and creative; plus he's a fellow TFOL, which automatically makes him cool... Anyway, here's his latest build, a yellow mech thing destroying a mostly-unconnected natural background. Awesome. And just look at all those wacky part uses...*
A closer look at the 'bot:
There's a little backstory and some notes on the build, so without furthe ado:

Baqnarra used to be a particularly nice place.

It had a lot going for it. An almost perfectly round and very rapid orbit close to its star, a weak Red Dwarf, and negligible axial tilt allowed the planet to sustain an all-but-perpetual, balmy summer for millennia.

Naturally, it was thickly forested all around except for a few patches of tundra toward the axial poles. An extremely shallow "ocean" extending over the planet's surface and dividing the landmasses into countless tiny islands kept everything well irrigated. Plants and animals abounded.
You could say it was a pretty well-rounded planet. It was averaged out; no extreme biomes.

And this was very Unusual.
Very Valuable.
It attracted Attention.

1.) I built a robot while sorting, incorporated a fiddler crab-style arm with a yellow surfboard as I've been wanting to do for a while, and built a 95% unconnected background for it to burn to ashes.
Seriously. There's literally less than thirty pieces connected. -_-
2.) I also finally used all my green spiky Barraki things, yellowish Barraki squids, and silver Rahkshi carapaces. :D
3.) I might take some photos of the bot alone later.
4.) FROG!!!!
5.) I learned how to use curves in 
Photoshop that editing program I use. :D
Hue hue hue so many private photos

Enjoy. :)

*Jackhammer, surfboard, Ninjago snake tail, Joker hair, random BIONICLE elements

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