Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Basket case

I realize I've tagged a lot of posts "NPU" in the 11 days since I started this blog, but seriously... some builders find truly inspired uses for LEGO parts, and that's one of the major factors I look for in finding models to feature here on Brickology. This might be my favorite instance so far: Moko's use of an upside-down basket for a pig's nose. I mean, a basket! For a pig's nose! Who'da thunk?
And just because it's so cool-looking, here's another build by Moko, this one entitled "Effect": 


Anonymous said...

That bottom one looks like it came straight out of an anime. It's stuff like this that coaxes me out of my Dark Age. :)

Tate Whitesell said...

Yeah, I love how the bottom one is very monochromatic and repetitive, the pattern has a great effect.