Friday, June 3, 2016

The good, the evil and the...nocturnal being?

So, today I've got not one, not two, but three amazing Bionicle creations to share with you.

First of all, Alieraah brings us an adorable bat-technician (I'd never thought I'd ever say that). The CCBS body, the system head and the Ninjago wings mix up perfectly. The small bits of mint green also add a lot to the overall detail.
MaquƩ the Technician
Second of all, Kelvin Low brings us this Nexo Knights-inspired lava beast. Appropriately titled "Ballrog"(Get it? cuz it has got a Ball for a head. Also yeah, this name kinda was my fault... This thing really looks like it won't let you pass. The flawless integration of system pieces and especially tires into this Bionicle build is pretty dang neat.
And for the last MOC of today I got a bit of a personal backstory. If you don't want to read is, just skip right ahead to the image.

As a little kid, I was a huge fan of Bionicle, and I especially liked the Barraki series. Then, one day, I think it was in 2007, I got the Lego Collectors Guide, and how shocked was I to find out that there were three Barraki Sets that never made their way to Germany. One of them was Nocturn. I was lucky enough to get this set around one year ago, and have really liked it ever since.

Now Logan McOwen brings us this lovely revamp of Nocturn. The seamless integration of CCBS onto the old Barraki pieces, the integrated gearbox and especially the new head design really made this MOC outstanding to me.
Nocturn the Condemned

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