Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Seachant Castle

Since starting this blog, I've become much more of a Castle fan. Of course Space/sci-fi still has a special place in my heart, but I've been blogging and building more Castle things recently. This MOC by 'Sergeant Chipmunk' is a perfect example of what I love in a Castle build. 
The castle itself has an interesting design and color scheme (somewhat refreshingly, there's very little gray), but it's also not the only thing in this scene, which is this builder's largest MOC to date. 
Look at those curves in the front wall and tower!
This castle's on the coastline, and right out front we get a chunky little ship with a few soldiers on it, sailing off on a grand journey (or possibly just a swing around the harbor). 
There's a little island too, and on it is a smaller boat and its equally pint-sized captain, with his loyal dog. I like the construction of those trees - if only I could figure it out I might employ something like it in my own MOCs!
Finally, the last part of this packed build is a little village on the coast, beneath the castle. The houses are nothing groundbreaking but it's the little details that make this pop: the fantastically built rock wall and trickling stream; the knight statue in a pool in the village center; the detail in the landscaping and foliage. 

Overall, a great build and probably my favorite castle MOC so far this year. 

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