Sunday, August 30, 2015

Brick Bucket Review: 75099 Rey's Speeder


Appearance - 2/5
Construction - 3/5
Pieces - 3/5
Playability - 2/5

Minifigs/accessories - 5/5
Value for money - 4/5

75099 Rey's Speeder is one of the new Star Wars sets for late fall 2015. It's the smallest of the sets based on The Force Awakens (with the exception of battlepacks). There are 193 pieces in this $19.99/25.99€ set, resulting in a CPP of 10.36 cents/piece. 

Verdict: A pretty average Star Wars set. Some nice pieces (especially all that dark red), and great minifigs. Good for anyone excited about The Force Awakens!

Editor's Note: Today Dead Frog presents a review of a set so new, we don't even know all the information about it! Rey's Speeder is one of the Star Wars sets from The Force Awakens, and technically we aren't even supposed to have pictures of these sets yet... but thanks to "a little toy store somewhere in Germany," Frog has picked up a copy to review here. So now, without further ado, The Brick Bucket is proud to present (as far as we know) the internet's first-ever review of this brand new LEGO Star Wars set!   -Tate

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So, I was able to get my hands on one of the Star Wars the Force Awakens sets a bit early. I chose this set as it was the cheapest, and in my eyes, best looking of the bunch.

From all I know it comes with no new pieces besides the figs. (I assume Frog is talking about new molds; there definitely seem to be some recolors here. -Ed.) It includes Rey and a robot guy, who apparently is a thug of Unkhar, whoever that might be...

Rey comes with a new hairpiece, which looks quite interesting, and might look cool on some fantasy figs.
Now on to the speeder. The speeder is build mostly in dark red, which fits nicely, though brown might've looked a bit better. It has some small stickers to add some stripes and a weathered effect.
Rey can sit down in the back, and her staff can be deposited on the side.
The set should probably be a bit smaller, but this way it includes a little play-function. If you turn one of the engines, the side of the speeder opens, and reveals a little crate. It does not have contents, but you can insert extra Stud-Shooter ammunition.
It has some sweet dark red spare parts, and also one extra 3-length rod, which can be super useful.
All in all this is a nice little set with good pieces, especially the dark red ones, and some sweet figs. The stickers are great as well, I just love that old, rusty effect. I recommend this set to everyone who is hyped for The Force Awakens, as it's not too expensive and looks pretty close to what we've seen in the trailers.

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