Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Three building tricks from umamen

One thing this blog hasn't covered very much is building techniques. Flickr user umamen (whose General Grievous figure we recently blogged) has recently posted a trio of useful building tricks that I think the rest of us would benefit from seeing. 

First off, here's how to make a "rounded cube" or "ball" using a little SNOT and some nice use of flower elements: 
Next, here's a simple yet effective angling technique using the new(ish) skeleton arms: 
umamen has put both the above techniques to good use in this little robot:
Finally, this is probably the technique that the most of our readers already know about, but it's a great one to know if you don't already. If you separate the two parts of LEGO's lever/joystick element, you can stick the skinny part inside a 1x2 grille tile, which has several useful applications, as seen here:
We'll try to feature a bit more "building tips and tricks" content here on The Brick Bucket, even just by pointing out interesting ones we see in MOCs we blog. 

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