Friday, January 15, 2016

Spanish villa

Gabe Umland  is a builder of many talents. We recently featured his "muscle car" spaceship, and indeed Gabe has many great sci-fi MOCs in his Flickr stream, but he's also built some nice mecha, castle-style buildings, video game scenes, and even an iPad Mini

Now he's expanded his palette even more with this excellent Spanish-style building, located at water's edge and with a lovely homelike feel. My favorite parts are the little details, like crawling vines, sky-blue windows, telescope on the balcony, and the crates and barrels strewn about in the yard. 
I'm also curious as to where Gabe got the green parrot sitting in that palm tree...


gev said...

light green parrot? 2003-2004 sets:

Tate said...

All Juniors and Belville, that explains why I haven't seen them... :P