Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bento box

If this build from nobu_tary had been posted a few weeks ago I wouldn't have known what it was, but fortunately my girlfriend (a Japanese food enthusiast) took me out to a Japanese restaurant recently, and I ordered Bento Box Option B (on account of me being able to actually pronounce the names of the items in it). There was some delicious beef teriyaki, some shrimp shu mai, various sushi, a mound of rice, and more wasabi than any human could possibly hope to ingest in one sitting. I devoured it, although I can't say the same about the salty grayish soup (with seaweed in it!) that came as a free appetizer. Guess I'm not a fan of all Japanese food. 

But I'm certainly a fan of good MOCs, and now that I've gotten that anecdote out of the way, I'll turn your attention to the subject of this post:
My favorite detail has got to be the giant LEGO-brick box - definitely a creative part use that lends some character to this build!

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