Sunday, November 13, 2016

Venice, 1486

Last time Jonas Kramm (Legopard) and Brick Vader collaborated on a MOC, we blogged it. Then again, pretty much anything made by these builders extraordinaire is blog-worthy. Here's their latest, a wonderful scene from medieval Venice:

This is one of those builds where the more you look, the more details you find. This was built for NEW ELEMENTARY's "The New Black" parts festival, so plenty of new molds and recolors (in black, of course!) are featured - check out the lamppost, bench, door knocker, gondola, and balcony! (Some are hard to see from the above image, so be sure to visit Legopard's post to see more images and some building analysis.) 
Some Scala parts have been integrated: the bridge features a specially molded flower, while the large salmon-colored vase is made from a flowerpot and umbrella stand. 

The wonderfully lifelike tree features many flexible elements and is one of the most natural LEGO trees I've seen. 

Maybe my favorite part use is the Chima vulture head for the mask of a plague doctor!
Overall this MOC is fantastic and only heightens the already lofty reputations of its builders. Great work!

Some images and content in this post came from NEW ELEMENTARY. See Legopard's highly interesting post there at this link!

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