Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cloudless 3V step-by-step build videos by Nick Trotta

Nick Trotta (tardisblue) has released a three-part YouTube video detailing the build process of his "Cloudless 3V" Vic Viper. I haven't watched it yet but the commenters on Flickr have plenty of great things to say:

Sir, you are a wizard. Some of those parts combos and stud reversals to make the math right are next level stuff. And how generous of you to take the time to do this in real-time. We're going to see things people learned in this build all over.
- Chris Maddison

Absolutely stunning. I watched the videos in their entirety, and I have to say, I am amazed. Not only is the build phenomenal, but I really admire that you took the time and effort to make the videos showing how the model is built. Bravo! Very, very inspiring.
- Kevin Moyer (Rambles of Orange)

Click here to go to Nick's Flickr post where he talks about the videos. You can watch the individual videos on YouTube at the following links:
Part 1- youtu.be/ovNaaGRgwFQ
Part 2- youtu.be/WwHBxMFclbQ
Part 3- youtu.be/goD3HdeG63o

And here's an image of this incredible build:

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