Friday, December 12, 2014

How do I find creations to blog?

A reader emailed me this morning with the following question:

"I was just curious enough to know how you pick out your Brick creations of a day, which website do you go on to choose?"

That's a good question, and the truth is, I don't really have any sort of "master plan" for how I find creations to blog here on Brickology. Basically, if I see something I like, I blog it. However, I have a few criteria:

  1. Must be made (almost) entirely out of LEGO. No clone brands allowed, ever. (Custom parts are okay.) I make the occasional exception when a small amount of non-LEGO material enhances the MOC in some way, but if it's less than 95% LEGO, it's a no-go. 
  2. Good photography is a must! 
  3. I don't usually like to blog LDD creations. Don't ask why. 
  4. I try not to blog things that any of the other major LEGO blogs have already posted, but obviously this is an easy rule to break. 
Where do I find MOCs to blog? Mostly on Flickr- I frequently check the Builders Lounge pool and many of the other ones listed in Brickology's LEGO Web Directory. I check MOCpages about 2-3 times a month, and rarely use anything else. (Sorry Brickshelf users, it's too cluttered and outdated for me!)

The Brothers Brick has a great "how to get blogged" article here that also kind of applies to Brickology, if anyone wants more information. 

Thanks for the question- I'm always open to hearing from readers!

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