Friday, January 2, 2015

Clash of the titans

A new year brings a new round of Iron Builder... and this one pits two teams of the most seasoned LEGO builders around against each other! Nannan Zhang teams up with Tyler Clites and returns to the arena to attempt to take down Iron Builders Sean and Steph Mayo. This is undoubtedly going to be one of the greatest rounds of all time, and I'm sure many of the MOCs from both sides will make it onto this humble brick-blog. To begin, both teams have created a desktop scene with office supplies: 
The seed part for this round is the flexible ribbed tubing in gray, and what's interesting is that the builders are encouraged to cut the tubes to any length they desire. 

Finally, I couldn't not blog this round's introduction, written by Guy Himber:

So Nannan and I were facing hour 56 sitting around at the Hall of Iron Builder Justice ( it is in a floating CloudBase with cool nuclear-powered hover-turbos and free drinks in the Soda machine ) and pondering about WHO might we get to challenge the dynamic duo of Siercon and Coral in the upcoming round of Iron Builder? They are a menace to brick-society and somebody needs to take them ON and bring them DOWN off of their high and mighty Iron Builder SUPER TEAM throne!

Nannan stared at me through dark, red-rimmed eyes as we pondered how to find a worthy set of suitable challengers to face this lethal duo. I hadn't shaved in weeks and the strain of trying to find a set of worthy competitors was starting to take its toll.

Shaking my fist at the Heavens I shrieked, "Curse those Mayos!" at a now empty room, "Whuh?" "Nannan, where did you go?!"

Had the sleep-deprived Nannan passed out and was he now lying unconscious under the giant Table of Iron Justice?
Had he yanked the 'DO NOT PULL' handle and shot himself out of the airlock?
Had he turned invisible when he discovered his unknown mutant super powers?

"Nannaaaaaaaan!" I yelled. "Where are you, Bro?" I wandered over to the hover bay, the urine recyc module, the kitchens, the storage larder, the maid's closet and the coat check room…he was nowhere to be found. Nowhere.... until I looked into the Locker Room.

It was quiet. Someone had turned off all the lights and lit some candles in a romantic fashion. For some reason an MP3 player in the corner was playing 'Flight of the Valkyries'.

"Nannan?"..... I asked quietly into the darkness.

From a dark corner a mysterious figure rose out of the shadows and tightened the leather straps on his hammered codpiece. From a dusty knapsack a series of rusty weapons and a shield tumbled out onto the floor. The hunched figure picked up a chest-plate and was clearly deep in thought as he rubbed the numerous dents and scrapes that covered it's surface from battles past. I could tell that it had been years, at least four, since this warrior had donned his gear and faced the unknown. 

"Nannan, is that you?" I queried from out of the darkness.

"Dang, codpiece!" Nannan muttered as his stood up and adjusted the straps a second time. He looked up with a sly look on his face and said, "I think I found someone to handle our 'Mayo problem'." 

"Nannan, what are you doing? ... You are a Chairman NOT an Iron Builder!" I said, "Your days in the stadium are long past you old friend."

Nannan took up his sword and felt the comforting weight of the weapon’s hilt in his hand. He shouldered the last of his gear and put on his golden helmet. He then hit a switch and a secret panel opened to reveal Legohaulic hog-tied with rough ropes and struggling to speak with a ball-gag from Pulp Fiction stuffed into his mouth.

"Nannan, this is MADNESS! You can't drag Tyler back into the ring against these animals, they nearly killed him and his Sister last time!"

"Guy..." Nannan sighed as nodded his head and smiled softly to himself, "...they've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time!"

"What are you talking abou...." I started to say and then I was struck from behind and knocked into unconsciousness. I soon awoke to an empty Locker Room. Startled, I ran down the long, dark hallway to the Coliseum and it was already too late. Nan and a confused looking Tyler, the ball-gag still planted firmly in his mouth, were gazing across the battlefield at the daunting Team Mayo. 

After a long stare-down Stephanie (clad in post-apocalyptic Road Warrior gear) snarled, " I like your new pet, Nannan - we have heard his bones snap and seen his flesh bleed before! We shall make him pay for daring to face us again!"
She reached down and released the collar that was holding her Barbarian partner in check.

As his restraints fell to the dirt and he was freed upon this Earth, Sean looked up and drew a finger horizontally across his neck with a mad grin on his face.

God save us all...

Alea Jacta Est, The Die is Cast.

Allez Brick?

Guy ( hiding under a desk somewhere )

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