Sunday, July 19, 2015

More than just a stud shooter

As most fans know, one of the best things about LEGO is that almost any piece can be used for almost any purpose. There are no limits to creativity, and in the right hands a seemingly very specific piece can be put to use in an unexpected way.

That's the case with the new(ish) LEGO stud shooter as used in these two recently posted MOCs. The first build comes from vir-a-cocha and is a creepy character entitled "Nightmare Designer." As you can see, the stud shooter finds a use as the character's head, creating a surprisingly well-defined facial expression.
The second MOC was actually influenced by the first - it was built by vitroleum and features stud shooters as a pair of those notorious Easter Island heads: 
Besides the stud shooters, check out some of the insane part usages in this build: a tooth/claw, feather, rocker hinge, backpack, and treasure chest lid have all found their way into the ship!

(Sorry for the lack of posts the past week - I just got back from music camp!)

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