Thursday, July 2, 2015

And then there were three

Today The Brick Bucket welcomes its third resident blogger: Aaron Van Cleave, better known as A Plastic Infinity. He is a talented builder as well as a blogger, and we think he will be a welcome presence here on the blog. You can follow Aaron on Flickr here to see more of his work; in the meantime, here's what he himself had to say: 

It's morning somewhere - good morning!

Or good night.

Hope you're enjoying your lunch as you read this.

I've always wanted to write for a blog, but was also always too lazy to start one myself...which is why I'm very grateful to Tate for inviting me to act as a contributor here! I look forward to rooting out underrated MOCs, which there are far too many of, and recognizing them here. While I lean heavily toward Sci-fi, I can certainly appreciate a good Castle or City build. Most themes, in fact.

As a fairly active builder myself, I hope to expand my own understanding of what constitutes a "good" MOC, and share that knowledge. And use way too many emoticons. :D

-A Plastic Infinity

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