Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cocktail party

I really don't envy the judges of the current Iron Builder round. It's impossible to predict which of the expert competitors - Jimmy Fortel (6kyubi6) or David Hensel (Legonardo Davidy) - will win in this round of the musketeer sword seed part.

Many of the builds from the round have been featured here on The Brick Bucket; now, continuing our coverage, here's perhaps the most elegant build of the round - indeed, one of the most stylish MOCs I've ever seen - a cocktail glass and dish of olives, built by Jimmy:
Jimmy gets points not just for great use of the seed part (drink umbrella and pick for the olives), but for other nice part usages as well, most noticeably the giant clam shell piece used as the dish. All together with the jet-black background and impeccable photography, this is one well-presented MOC.

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