Saturday, December 5, 2015

Red scent

There's another round of Iron Builder raging... Iron Builder Jimmy Fortel (6kyubi6) vs. challlenger David Hensel (Legonardo Davidy). Both builders are among my favorites and this is becoming one of the most build-heavy rounds of IB I can remember - and also one of the best. Many of the builds have been covered on The Brothers Brick, BrickNerd, and other sites, but this one from Jimmy caught my eye the other day. There are so many nice part uses and although there aren't many pieces in total, they all come together and create a surprisingly complex, beautiful model. 
Can you tell what the seed part is? I'll give you a hint: it's sharp and pointy. Yeah, it's those musketeer swords. Check out the Flickr stream to see how they've been used in the other builds so far... there's some really neat stuff going on in this round. 

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