Sunday, March 13, 2016

Beware of the Draygon

One of my favorite sci-fi builders, Tromas combines unorthodox, creative vehicle designs with a great cast of minifigures, as well as detailed descriptions and backstories. His latest is a prototype YB-81 "Draygon" Bomber from the Incom Corporation, the Star Wars manufacturer responsible for (among other things) the X-wing and the Snowspeeder. Although Tromas's build isn't a real Star Wars ship, it certainly seems like it could be one. 
We recommend that you check out more images (including underside and interior shots and some hints at the construction methods) in the Flickr album, and there's also a video - because this bomber lives up to its name! Also, take a look at that minifig: while not the main focus of the model, it really completes the look, combining some rare parts into an interesting and fitting character. 

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