Monday, June 30, 2014

Cove Island Map

I really like this microscale castle/pirates MOC by Sir Valiant~. It has ships, castles, and some nicely built tiny palm trees, as well as a huge pile of trans-light blue studs! 
Here are Sir Valiant~'s thoughts on the build: 

Good to be building Again!

This is my entry for the Jolly Roger Contest 3 1/2 put on by Bluesecrets and the Forbidden Cove Forums.
The challenge was to build a treasure map out of LEGO bricks. This is my interpretation.

I had a blast building this, and was able to try my hand at many new techniques. I have never built micro-scale, and I don't think I did too bad.
Each Island has a fortress representing each fo the Classic-Pirate faction (excluding Islanders). The bluecoats outpost and also the Redcoats and Pirate fortresses.
Be sure to notice the details such as the Compass, sextant's, telescopes, and microscale ships. Enjoy!

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