Saturday, June 28, 2014

Level Eleven

Bart de Dobbelaer is back in a big way with this diorama, which was "heavily inspired by the French/Belgium comic strip Nemesis - Level Eleven by Alain Janolle and Ange."
The lighting here is just eerie, and those tubes make the creation come alive. Add in some skeletons and those weird tentacle-licious alien things and you have a recipe for horror. And an awesome MOC.

Oh and while I'm still in Bart's Flickr photostream, I may as well blog this fantastic creation entitled "The Proposal": 
The accompanying story may be necessary for full enjoyment: 

After that disastrous first date it took years of therapy for Elizabeth to start dating again. When she finally met Sebastian, she couldn't be more happy since she knew right away he was the one for her. Numerous dates came and went by and on a beautiful spring morning in the park, he proposed to her.

But as soon as Elizabeth saw the ring she started to scream and ran away in terror ... Sebastian never saw her again and up to this very day he still wonders whether his quote "one ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them" was maybe a little too much ...

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