Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nowhere to run

'Sergeant Chipmunk' serves up a nice little castle scene, complete with a well, a skeletal tree, a few little statues tucked nicely into the walls, and a nicely curved building: 
And at no charge to you, here's another sweet MOC by the same builder, called "Hidden Paths": 
As I've mentioned before, I build sci-fi but love a good castle creation (I just can't build them too well myself). These are two MOCs that makes me want to try to put some big stone walls together and slap a dragon on top. Fantastic! 


Anonymous said...

Hey Tate, I love the MOC's. Could you post some of your own Sci-Fi MOC's that you were talking about in the post. Thanks.

Tate Whitesell said...

I would be happy to post some of my own creations for those who are interested! (Though you shouldn't expect much...)

Tate Whitesell said...

Sorry!!!!! I still haven't done that yet!!! :(

I'm probably going to get a Flickr or MOCpages accout up soon where I can show off my own creations. SOON.