Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The world of Pasha

Of all the LEGO competitions and challenges out there, Symphony of Construction has to be one of my favorites. The mix of LEGO and music - my two favorite art forms and hobbies - gets the creativity flowing and always produces some amazing MOCs and musical pieces. This entry to Round 4 of the challenge was built by Brick Bucket first-timer Mattias Sondergaard
The architectural style of this miniature city is a great contrast to the jagged rockwork and the entropy of all those scattered 1x1 rounds and cheese slopes around the model. This is a nicely built and presented entry to one of the most innovative LEGO contests out there. 

Click here to listen to the original piece of Music, "Myriad," composed by Ian Spacek with a cello performance by Tim Schwalf (One More Brick).

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