Friday, March 20, 2015

War has been declared

Commander Mark Informs his troops that War has been declared. They are to march to attack the city of Lampsacus at dawn tomorrow.
This scene from Mark of Falworth makes great use of several custom pieces and some nice building techniques to achieve a natural, realistic look. I love MOCs that draw on historical architecture (Greek and Roman in this case) - besides LEGO, history is another of my big interests. 

The contoured base here is complemented by the dark green landscaping, which is itself contrasted by the bright leaves on the trees and the red of the building's roof. Overall this is a really nice looking MOC. (The custom minifig parts look great as well... I'll have to look into getting a few!)

EDIT: I'd thought the neon green leaves were custom; turns out they're actually from some of the new Elves sets. Regarding the minifigs, the builder says:

Those helms are Brickforge as are the shields and most of the spears. The armor piece and the scroll on Mark are Brickwarriors. :)


Mark of Falworth said...

Thanks for the blogging! :D

Tate said...

No problem!