Friday, March 13, 2015

Audi supercar

Not too long ago, Audi wasn't really known for supercars. That all changed when the company took the Lamborghini Gallardo platform and turned it into the Audi R8 V10. Being "a fan of the R8 and orange LEGO pieces," well-known Technic builder Sariel decided to combine the two. The result is this masterpiece of a LEGO supercar: 
Many more images can be found on MOCpages or on Sariel's website. I love that the builder challenged himself by building the vehicle in orange, which is a very rare color in LEGO and consequently quite difficult to build with, especially something of this scale. Some of Sariel's build notes I found fascinating: 

To make things harder, the orange pieces are fairly rare and I spent entire year with Bricklink’s Color Guide in front of my face just to make sure I’m using pieces that exist and can be bought (one doesn’t automatically mean the other). And then Lego is unable to maintain one consistent hue of orange.

Probably the most challenging part of the model was its front end. There was little space elsewhere, so I installed the model’s battery exactly in its nose, right between the front grille and front axle. This meant putting several meters of wires there, including 5 pairs of Lego LEDs in the headlights. If you want a simple recipe to start hating yourself, try to make an axle that is suspended, steered and driven at the same time, then put a ton of wires around it, and then try to make it all fit under a very low hood. I believe I spent no less than month to cram everything in there without making the hood taller. In the end, the entire front end was like a combination of about eight separate modules that would stay together only if connected in a very specific order.

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