Thursday, September 17, 2015

The faceless mecha

Wow, school started recently and between homework and marching band I've scarcely even had time to take a look at my Flickr feed, let alone write a blog post. But I've got a minute now to highlight nobu_tary's fantastic latest build, a streamlined mecha titled "KUSAGAME." 
The faceless, robotic feel is compounded by the plain gray color, though bits of maroon, white, and yellow (hey, it's the Cadets Drum Corps!) keep it interesting. The shaping, as usual, is also top-notch. 

P.S. With this post, nobu_tary has just tied Siercon and Coral for the title of The Brick Bucket's Most Blogged Builder so far in 2015. So far. 

P.P.S. If the admin/judges of the ABS Builder Challenge are reading this, I will get back to you. Hopefully soon. :P

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