Saturday, September 12, 2015

This in-depth review of terrible LEGO clone brands is the funniest thing you'll read this week

UK AFOL Anthony Tomkins has been hard at work on his "Communist LEGO" review series, which has undergone a massive update this year with 50 new reviews. The lengthy PDF file compiles reviews of dozens of LEGO look-alike sets - "clone brands" - and comments on their quality and shameless ripping-off of LEGO. Well, actually it mostly just rants about how terrible they all are. The document is exceedingly well-researched and nicely put together, and it also made me laugh out loud several times.

My favorite review I've read so far is the one for the BLOCK Tech Armed Forces set, which managed to a) feature nonsensical design choices, b) include unreadably tiny instructions, and c) include models that looked nothing like what was shown on the box art:
"Communist LEGO" is absolutely worth a read, if only so you can laugh (and/or become enraged) at the mis-molds, mind-bogglingly incompetent design, weird zombified minifigures, blatant copyright infringment, and every other cheap tactic practiced by these clone brands. 

Click here to view the PDF

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