Friday, September 11, 2015

A slick spacetruck

Spacetruck Robert Heim just posted an excellent spaceship. While not quite long enough for SHIPtember, it has some very sleek lines. It's modeled after a movie called Space Truckers, which has cool retro spaceship designs and some really, really weird Google results. (I'm serious, I don't know why I looked at that pig.) Anyways. Also, Robert's really good at repeating parts to make a certain texture, such as the flaps on the cargo containers, the wedge plates on the sides of the hood, or the, um, teeth (?) in the intakes. Also Robert seems to really like curvy builds. So do I.

I'm new here, by the way... hi!

Also that truck has a really cool detail over the windshield. Go look again, you probably missed it.

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